version 0.6.0
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cell…: something related to the cell grid.

face…: something related to a face grid.

ghost boundary region: local domain extension that represent a region across the global boundaries.

global…: something related to the global domain, the whole problem, etc.

global physical domain: initial domain of the problem to solve.

local physical domain: part of the global physical domain associated to one processor. It does not include the local domain extensions.

local…: something related to the local domain, current process unit, etc.

local domain extensions: additional region of space added to a local physical domain to form the numerical domain. The local domain extensions can correspond to an overlapping region or a ghost boundary region.

navier: shorthand for the Navier-Stokes equations.

numerical domain: local physical domain plus local domain extensions.

node: designate a discretization point: a cell's center, a face's center, an edge's middle point, a cell's corner.

overlapping region: local domain extension that represent the local physical domain of a nearby process unit.

point: designates any position in space (different from nodes).

transport equation: advection-diffusion equation.