version 0.6.0
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Routines relative to the modeling of a physical problem to solve. More...


 Energy equation
 It prepares and solves the Energy equation.
 Generic transport equations
 It discretizes and solves the generic transport (advection/diffusion) equation.
 Compute properties of materials
 Compute local properties of materials (density, viscosity, etc.) from geometry, equation of state and reference properties of materials.
 Navier-Stokes equations
 Prepare and solve the Navier-Stokes equations.
 Phase advection equation
 Routines relative to the phase advection equations (multiphase flows).
 Poisson equation
 It discretizes and solves the Poisson equation.
 Species transport equations
 It prepares and solves the species transport (or advection/diffusion) equations.
 Turbulence models
 Turbulence models and methods.


module  variables_modeling
 Declaration of variables relative to the equations and models used.
module  variables_all_equations
 Declaration of a variable module that encapsulates variable modules of each equation.

Detailed Description

A set of [models and equations] (Brief description of models and equations) can be solved by Notus. There is one subdirectory per each one of them:

Even if this directory is called modeling, it contains some high level numerical methods such as the time uncoupling of the equations and the velocity/pressure coupling method.

There is also a directory to compute the physical properties of the fluid depending on temperature and/or volume fraction, species concentration.

Finally it contains enumerations and scalar variables that are common to all these equations.