version 0.6.0
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ADIOS interface

Interface routines to the massivelly parallel I/O ADIOS library. More...


 ADIOS Schema writer
 Provide a class to write .bp files using ADIOS Visualization Schema


module  variables_adios
 Variables used for ADIOS output.


type  mod_notus_adios_type::t_notus_adios_container
 ADIOS container The ADIOS container allows to keep track of every ADIOS internal variables. More...


subroutine mod_notus_adios_open_close_bp_files::notus_adios_open_bp_file (nac, mode)
 Open a bp file.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_open_close_bp_files::notus_adios_close_bp_file (nac)
 Close a bp file.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_output_grids_and_fields::notus_adios_output_grids_and_fields ()
 ADIOS output grid and fields routine, called in time loop of Notus.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_output_grids_and_fields::notus_adios_output_particles ()
 ADIOS output particles.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_particles::notus_adios_define_particles (nac, particle_list, suffix)
 Define particles in Adios.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_particles::notus_adios_write_particles (nac, particle_list, suffix)
 Write the particles in Adios.
subroutine mod_notus_adios_type::notus_adios_container_finalize (nac)
 Finalize the ADIOS container.

Detailed Description


To output a .bp file, simply call the following routine:

call notus_adios_output_grids_and_fields()

This routine will output all the variables contained in the print_list variable. It will also output variables that cannot be contained in the print_list such as the MOF quadrilateral grid or refined grids and their associated fields.

How to add a new kind of variable to output?

ADIOS requires to define the variables to output before writting them. To add a new kind of variable to output, two routines must be created. One routine to declare the variable to ADIOS. It should defines the size of the data in bytes, the dimension and the rank of the array to write. A second routine to write the data in the .bp file.

For a simple example, see notus_adios_define_rectilinear_grid and notus_adios_write_rectilinear_grid. For a complex example that involve the definition of an unstructured grid, see notus_adios_define_mof_polygons and notus_adios_write_mof_polygons.


ADIOS website:

Function Documentation

◆ notus_adios_close_bp_file()

subroutine mod_notus_adios_open_close_bp_files::notus_adios_close_bp_file ( type(t_notus_adios_container), intent(inout) nac)
nacadios containter

◆ notus_adios_open_bp_file()

subroutine mod_notus_adios_open_close_bp_files::notus_adios_open_bp_file ( type(t_notus_adios_container), intent(inout) nac,
character(len=1), intent(in) mode )
nacadios containter
[in]modeshould be 'a' (append) or 'w' (write)