version 0.6.0
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Notus sytem prerequisites

The following programs are required to build Notus:

  • a Fortran compiler and a C compiler (Intel ≥ 18; GCC ≥ 7.3)
  • autoconf (≥ 2.69)
  • CMake (≥ 3.7.2), a cross-platform build system
  • Git, distributed version control system
  • an MPI library for parallel coding
  • blas et lapack libraries installed on the system
  • Doxygen, a documentation generator from source code (optional)

Notus has two compilation switches: either debug or release:

  • The debug version is compiled without optimizations. Useful for developers, or for one to know more precisely how and where his run crashed.
  • The release version is optimized for high performance runs.

Notus has been successfully built with the following configurations:

  • GNU compilers and Open MPI,
  • Intel compilers and Intel MPI.

Test cases yields the same results in every built listed above.