version 0.6.0
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Post processing

Computation of derived quantities, error estimates, etc. More...


 Error tools
 Routines to compute errors ( \(L^p\) norms).
 Grid Convergence
 Define and manage grid convergence analysis.
 Integration tools
 Integration tools over the grid.
 Diagnostic quantities
 Post-treatment routines to compute physical quantities (Nusselt number, Q criterion, kinetic energy, etc.).
 Reference solutions
 Definition of the reference solutions.
 Post-treatment routines to compute statistical quantities of turbulent fields (Mean time fields, fluctuations, etc.).
 Test cases
 Verification and validation documentation and process.
 Tools to validate Notus and compute grid convergence thanks to script.

Detailed Description

The post process module provides all the useful procedures that the user and developer will need to compute various data processing. It is divided in sub modules which you can use to compute physical diagnostics (for example the wall shear stress, see Diagnostic quantities) or do elementary operations such as the \(L_2\) norm of an error field (see Error tools).

Make sure to visit the [validation post process framework] (Validation) page whenever you need to analyze numerical convergence.