version 0.5.0
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 Core engineConvinience core tools used throughout the code (date type, MPI and openMP routines, etc.)
 Data structuresDefinition of different data structures of the code
 MiscellaneousMiscellaneous core tools
 MPIMPI routines
 OpenMPOpenMP routines
 Pre-processing toolsTools to initialize fields
 SystemSystem related routines
 Discretization of PDEDiscretization methods to solve partial differential equations (PDE)
 Explicit discretizationRoutines for discretizing explicit terms
 Field level operatorsHigh-level functions for interpolating/extrapolating/differenciating whole fields
 Immersed BoundariesImplement boundaries of arbitrary shapes in PDEs
 Implicit discretizationRoutines that fill the matrix and the right-hand side of linear systems associated to the discretization of PDE
 Lagrangian particlesLagrangian particles transported by the flow
 Multiphase methodsInterface advection equation resolution methods (Volume of Fluid, Moment of Fluid, Level Set, etc.)
 Node level schemesNode level (cell, face, edge, vertex, point) discrete schemes
 Partial Differential EquationsFirst level routines to discretize PDE term by term
 Time discretizationRoutines relative to time discretization of PDEs
 GeometryGeometry description and manipulation (grid and 2D/3D objects)
 Computational geometryRoutines relative to the computational geometry
 DomainDomain and subdomains variables
 GridGrid coordinates, spatial step, and various grid indices
 Immersed Sudomain and Boundary MetricsAlgorithms to create immersed subdomain and boundary metrics
 I/OInput / Output
 Checkpoint / RestartPerform checkpoint and restart of Notus
 Debug I/OI/O routines for debugging purpose
 Grids and fields I/OProcedures to read and write grids and fields
 JSONRoutines to manipulate JSON files
 Lexer / ParserMulti-purpose lexer/parser
 ProbesDefine probes to plot fields on points or lines along time
 SystemSystem related I/O
 ModelingRoutines relative to the modeling of a physical problem to solve
 Energy equationIt prepares and solves the Energy equation
 Generic transport equationsIt discretizes and solves the generic transport (advection/diffusion) equation
 Compute properties of materialsCompute local properties of materials (density, viscosity, etc.) from geometry, equation of state and reference properties of materials
 Navier-Stokes equationsPrepare and solve the Navier-Stokes equations
 Phase advection equationRoutines relative to the phase advection equations (multiphase flows)
 Poisson equationIt discretizes and solves the Poisson equation
 Species transport equationsIt prepares and solves the species transport (or advection/diffusion) equations
 Turbulence modelsTurbulence models and methods
 Post processingComputation of derived quantities, error estimates, etc
 Error toolsRoutines to compute errors ( \(L^p\) norms)
 Grid ConvergenceDefine and manage grid convergence analysis
 Integration toolsIntegration tools over the grid
 Diagnostic quantitiesPost-treatment routines to compute physical quantities (Nusselt number, Q criterion, kinetic energy, etc.)
 Reference solutionsDefinition of the reference solutions
 StatisticsPost-treatment routines to compute statistical quantities of turbulent fields (Mean time fields, fluctuations, etc.)
 ValidationTools to validate Notus and compute grid convergence thanks to script
 Verification and Validation test casesVerification and validation documentation and process
 V&V test cases processingProcedures that will orient the program towards the right test case
 Validation test casesValidation test cases descriptions and results
 Verification test casesVerification test cases descriptions and results
 Linear system solversLinear system solvers and interface to third-party solvers
 HYPRE linear system interfaceMassively parallel HYPRE library interface routines
 LIS linear system interfaceParallel LIS library interface routines
 MUMPS linear solver libraryInterface for the MUMPS linear solver library
 User routinesRoutines to adapt Notus to users specificities
 User fieldsDefine custom fields
 User variablesDefine custom variables
 NotusNotus main program and User Interface
 Read Command LineRoutines that read Notus command line
 User interfaceUser interface