version 0.6.0
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variables_domain Module Reference

Variables describing the global domain. More...


logical is_periodic_x = .false.
 Periodicity along the x-direction.
logical is_periodic_y = .false.
 Periodicity along the y-direction.
logical is_periodic_z = .false.
 Periodicity along the z-direction.
logical is_symmetric_left = .false.
 Symmetric domain.
logical is_symmetric_right = .false.
logical is_symmetric_bottom = .false.
logical is_symmetric_top = .false.
logical is_symmetric_back = .false.
logical is_symmetric_front = .false.
logical is_axisymmetric = .false.
 Axisymmetric domain (2D)
logical is_centered_axisymmetric = .false.
 Axisymmetric domain around \( r_min = 0 \).
integer coordinate_system = coordinate_system_cartesian
 Dimension of the domain (2 or 3)
integer spatial_dimension = 2
double precision, dimension(3) domain_corner1 = 0d0
 Coordinates of the left, bottom, back corner.
double precision, dimension(3) domain_corner2 = 0d0
 Coordinates of the right, top, front corner.
double precision domain_length = 0d0
 Extent along the x-direction.
double precision domain_height = 0d0
 Extent along the y-direction.
double precision domain_width = 0d0
 Extent along the z-direction.
double precision domain_volume = 0d0
 Volume of the domain.
type(t_subdomain_geometry), dimension(:), allocatable subdomains
 List of subdomains In case of overlapping, the subdomains defined after overwrite the subdomains defined before.
integer n_subdomains = 0
 Number of subdomains.

Detailed Description

See computational_domain for more information.