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Get Notus on the GitLab repository

Get Notus on the GitLab repository

Notus uses a self-hosted GitLab website:

If you are not familiar with Git, please read first the Git usage for Notus development page.

If your are familiar with Git, here are the ways to get Notus:

  • If you do not have a Notus GitLab account:
    git clone notus
  • If you have a GitLab account on the Notus website (change user by your user name):
    git clone notus
    cd notus
    git remote add official
    git remote update
    Once you have created your private repository, you should be able to compile Notus.

Create a GitLab account

First, register to register page. Confirm and log in.

Fork the Notus repository: go to Notus repository and click on Fork button (top right) and click on your name.

On your Linux system terminal, create and print a ssh key associated to GitLab :

cd $HOME/.ssh

ssh-keygen -t rsa

cat $HOME/.ssh/

Then copy/paste it to GitLab SSH keys page.