version 0.6.0
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Grid coordinates, spatial step, and various grid indices. More...


 Grid generation
 Compute grid coordinates and spatial steps.
 Grid indices
 Compute various grid indices.
 Grid tools
 to be described
 Domain partitioning and associated variables.


module  enum_coordinate_system
 Enumerations associated to the mesh.
module  mod_fill_ghost_nodes
 Specify how ghost cells are filled This depends on the type of boundaries.
module  variables_cell_coordinate
 Cell node coordinates.
module  variables_face_coordinate
 Face node coordinates.
module  variables_coordinates
 Cell and face node coordinates.
module  variables_grid_cell
 Cell nodes description variables.
module  variables_grid_face
 Face nodes description variables.
module  variables_cell_spatial_steps
 Cell spatial steps.
module  variables_face_spatial_steps
 Face spatial steps.
module  variables_spatial_steps
 Cell and face spatial steps.
module  variables_volume
 Computation of volume.

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