version 0.6.0
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variables_output Module Reference

Define variables associated to outputs. More...


enum  {
  output_type_none , output_type_adios , output_type_adios2 , output_type_ensight ,
  output_type_pixie , output_type_xdmf
 Available output formats.
enum  { single_precision , double_precision }
 Output real precision.


subroutine initialize_variables_output ()
 Allocate memory for this module.


integer output_type = output_type_adios
 Selected output format.
character(len=:), allocatable notus_directory
 Directory of Notus.
character(len=:), allocatable case_directory
 Directory of the case file.
character(len=:), allocatable output_directory
 Directory of the output.
character(len=:), allocatable input_name
 Name of the input file (without path and extension)
character(len=:), allocatable output_name
 Name of the output file.
integer output_floating_point_precision = double_precision
 Output floating-point precision.
logical output_use_t3pio = .false.
 Output parallel I/O config.
integer print_frequency = 100
 Number of iterations between outputs.
logical is_print_fields = .false.
 Flag to perform outputs.
logical is_print_initial_conditions = .true.
 Flag to perform outputs of the initial condition.
logical is_print_time = .false.
 Flag to perform time outputs.
 List of the fields to print.
 Contains the EnSight Gold writer.
 Contains the EnSight Gold writer for MOF.
Immersed boundary
logical is_remove_ghost_values_from_fields = .true.
 Flag to remove ghost values from fields.
logical is_print_ib_points = .false.
 Do write immersed boundary-related data to some file.
Selection switches of fields.
logical is_print_mof_grid = .false.
 Activate MOF unstructured grid.
logical is_print_speed_of_sound = .false.
logical is_print_conductivity = .false.
logical is_print_density = .false.
logical is_print_density_gravity_term_boussinesq = .false.
logical is_print_divergence = .false.
logical is_print_divergence_predicted = .false.
logical is_print_energy_source_term = .false.
logical is_print_energy_linear_term = .false.
logical is_print_viscous_dissipation_rate = .false.
logical is_print_enthalpy = .false.
logical is_print_error = .false.
logical is_print_f_22 = .false.
logical is_print_grid_volume = .false.
logical is_print_ib_direction = .false.
logical is_print_ib_distance = .false.
logical is_print_ib_surface = .false.
logical is_print_interface_curvature = .false.
logical is_print_interface_normal = .false.
logical is_print_isothermal_compressibility = .false.
logical is_print_lagrangian_acceleration = .false.
logical is_print_levelset_field = .false.
logical is_print_levelset_band = .false.
logical is_print_levelset_closest_points = .false.
logical is_print_levelset_kinks = .false.
logical is_print_mean_squared_velocity = .false.
logical is_print_mof_centroids = .false.
logical is_print_momentum = .false.
logical is_print_momentum_linear_term = .false.
logical is_print_momentum_source_term = .false.
logical is_print_continuity_source_term = .false.
logical is_print_particles = .false.
logical is_print_permeability = .false.
logical is_print_phase_field = .false.
logical is_print_pressure = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_gradient = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_increment = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_source_term = .false.
logical is_print_q_criterion = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_face = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_vec = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_velocity = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_pressure = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_temperature = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_density = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_error_velocity = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_error_pressure = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_error_temperature = .false.
logical is_print_reference_solution_error_density = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration = .false.
logical is_print_species_diffusion_coefficient = .false.
logical is_print_specific_dissipation_rate = .false.
logical is_print_specific_heat = .false.
logical is_print_specific_heat_cp = .false.
logical is_print_specific_heat_cv = .false.
logical is_print_strain_rate_magnitude = .false.
logical is_print_surface_mesh = .false.
logical is_print_surface_tension = .false.
logical is_print_temperature = .false.
logical is_print_thermal_expansion = .false.
logical is_print_turbulent_conductivity = .false.
logical is_print_turbulence_dissipation = .false.
logical is_print_turbulent_kinetic_energy = .false.
logical is_print_k_plus = .false.
logical is_print_turbulent_viscosity = .false.
logical is_print_u_plus = .false.
logical is_print_v_plus = .false.
logical is_print_velocity = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_predicted = .false.
logical is_print_viscosity = .false.
logical is_print_volume_fraction = .false.
logical is_print_vorticity = .false.
logical is_print_wall_distance = .false.
logical is_print_y_plus = .false.
logical is_print_local_wall_skin_friction_coef = .false.
logical, dimension(:), allocatable is_print_reference_solution_concentration
logical, dimension(:), allocatable is_print_reference_solution_volume_fraction
logical, dimension(:), allocatable is_print_reference_solution_error_concentration
logical, dimension(:), allocatable is_print_reference_solution_error_volume_fraction
logical is_print_batchelor_scale = .false.
logical is_print_conductivity_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_density_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_kolmogorov_timescale = .false.
logical is_print_kolmogorov_scale = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_specific_heat_cp_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_favre_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_favre_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_tke_dissipation_rate = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_favre_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_viscosity_time_averaged = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_favre_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_favre_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_density_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_favre_fluctuation = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_rms = .false.
logical is_print_velocity_favre_rms = .false.
logical is_print_pressure_rms = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_rms = .false.
logical is_print_temperature_favre_rms = .false.
logical is_print_density_rms = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_rms = .false.
logical is_print_species_concentration_favre_rms = .false.
integer, dimension(:,:), allocatable print_user_scalar_list
integer, dimension(:,:), allocatable print_user_vector_list
logical is_print_local_domain_rank = .false.

Detailed Description

  • name of the output file and directory
  • frequency
  • one logical per field to print