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Table of contents

Welcome to the Notus technical documentation.

This documentation provides information on the Notus CFD project in order to:

  • take full advantage of the code's capabilities,
  • adapt the code for your own applications,
  • help volunteers to contribute to the development of the code.

Project description

A presentation of the Notus CFD project with implemented features and roadmap.


A brief description of models and equations.

Verification and Validation

Notus CFD is thoroughly verified and validated thanks to an important amount of numerical test cases and adequate processing tools. The Verification and Validation page describes the principal steps and links to the detailed V&V.

Notus guides

If your not already familiar with Notus, please consider reading the following guides:

Installation guide

Installation and developement of Notus is done thanks to the distributed version control system Git. Even if a tarball could be sufficient, we advise to use Git system to follow Notus development and merge easily to new versions. Building Notus from sources requires to compile third party libraries and the use of CMake. These points are detailed below.

User guide

Developer guide

The aim of this section is to explain basic ideas, numerical and developement choices done as regards the following points:


Some specific guides around Notus.

Notus environment

Notus user interface

Notus development

Best pratices

Some advices around Notus.

Developer's corner

This part of the documentation is intended for advanced developers, where he or she will find useful information on each Module and topic as well as precise descriptions and comments on subroutines, functions, variables, and types. For example, you will find there the documentation for: Modeling, Discretization, Grid, etc.

The detailed descriptions of Verification and validation test cases are also detailed with configurations and expected numerical results.

Complete Fortran code

The complete Fortran source code and its associated documentation is visible in this section.


  • Glossary: useful terms that everyone should be aware of.


  • Credits: people behind Notus CFD and related articles and communications.